I’m So Happy (11/04/18)

This is Day 2 of Total Freedom. I don’t need to B/P. I will not B/P. Not bigeing, not purging. It makes me happy. It makes me feel worth something as a person. It makes me see hope and opportunities. And you know what – they’re here, now. I feel great about my decision to… Continue reading I’m So Happy (11/04/18)

I Think Things Are Looking Up 10/04/18

Yesterday was okay. I was B/P Free until supper. I didnt stop eating. And i did purge but to make it til 800pm was an improvement. I also started formulating plans. Today: 1. Please note I do not recommend this action but I’ll be honest and supervised by professionals and when things were rough in… Continue reading I Think Things Are Looking Up 10/04/18

I Don’t Even Know

Okay, Saturday was good. I did some of my chores in preperation of mums visit. Poodled around, I don’t know where the time went to be honest. I woke up at 830am instead of my usual 630am thanks to Friday night vodka. Went to the library, studied a bit waiting for mum’s bus to arrive.… Continue reading I Don’t Even Know

A Rocky Landing

I arrived home yesterday afternoon. Things were good til 930pm. Its now 600pm the next day. I’ve binged and purged 3 times on my meal plan food. It’s okay, it’s a big adjustment I’m making but I’m so scared that adjustment slips will snowball into a complete and utter relapse back to hell. Binge 1… Continue reading A Rocky Landing